jeudi 22 juin 2017

Madshrimps analyse et recommande le MB326SP-B

Bonjour à tous,

Nous remercions la presse belge pour leur recommandation du MB326SP-B.

Nous vous proposons un avant goût du travail de nos amis belges :

"Are you working in an environment that does imply drive switching and/or hot-swapping on a daily manner such as digital forensics, drive recovery, drive testing for performance, virus scans, data cloning and more? ICY DOCK has another interesting solution named ExpressCage MB326SP-B that does come with active cooling and can fit no less than six 2.5’’ drives in a 5.25’’ bay. For even more compatibility, we can use drives with 5mm, 7mm & 9.5mm height, while the back 40mm fans can be easily replaced with other models, thanks to the included 3-pin power connectors."

Pour ceux qui veulent découvrir l'article en anglais cliquez ici.